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The publications below are well-illustrated accounts of local research by staff, volunteers and associates. All proceeds support the Archive. Please send cheques, payable to “Slaidburn Archive”, to 25, Church St., Slaidburn, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 3ER. Please contact the Archive for postal charges for multiple purchases. Thank-you for your support.

Slaidburn Court Rolls, Vol. 1
The Court Rolls of the Manor of Slaidburn, Vol. 1, 1392-1613 (PDF version) translated and transcribed by Christopher John Spencer. £25, delivered as a PDF file by email. Please contact the Archive to purchase.

This is a digital copy in PDF format. Download a synopsis of the scope of the book.

Old Bashall Eaves
Old Bashall Eaves - A Rural Village through the Centuries by Frances Marginson. £12 plus £2.50 p&p.

The book is written as a record of the stories which were circulating in Bashall Eaves in the middle of the last century, and contains the information revealed during the search for evidence of places, people and events over many years. The book is well illustrated with maps, old and new photgraphs. The book is A4 in format and contains 85 pages.

Letters from a Slaidburn mother
My Dear Chris. Letters from a Slaidburn Mother to her son in WW2. Edited by Margaret Brenchley. £10 plus £3.00 p&p.

Chris Kenyon served in WW2 and his mother wrote regularly to him. The letters were saved and posted back to her by Chris, who then kept them all his life. They portray life in Slaidburn during wartime along with the everyday lives of other families in the area. The book is A4 in format and contains 130 pages.

History of the Slaidburn Estate
The History of the King-Wilkinson Family & the Slaidburn Estate (PDF version) by Chris Spencer. £15, delivered as a PDF file by email. Please contact the Archive to purchase.

Chris Spencer’s book describes all the purchases of farms and cottages of the Slaidburn Estate in detail and is a valuable resource for anyone researching the Slaidburn area and its former inhabitants. The book contains 400 pages and over 200 illustrations. The original print run of 200 hardback copies is now sold out. This is a digital copy in PDF format. Download a synopsis of the scope of the book.

Upper Hodder Bowland peat
Bringing Home the Turf: A History of Peat Cutting in the Upper Hodder Valley by Helen Wallbank. £9 plus £2.50 p&p.

A detailed account of peat cutting in our local area. It includes many first-hand accounts, historical references and maps, along with visits to sites mentioned. It is well illustrated with old and modern photographs, making it a very readable book for anyone interested in old country ways.

Rivers, Through Valleys & Dales
By Rivers, Through Valleys & Dales...Lancashire & Yorkshire by Alan Duckworth & Jim Halsall. Was £8 NOW £5 plus £2 p&p.

A collection of Edwardian photographs by brothers John William & Alfred Shaw. 72 pages full of wonderful black and white photos taken throughout the Ribble Valley and Craven along with explanations.

Blackout, Austerity and Pride
Blackout, Austerity and Pride: Life in the 1940s by Roger Atkinson. Hardback, 367 pages, was £20 NOW £10 plus £3.50 p&p.

A memoir and social history of the authors childhood including a chapter on his time at the School at Dunnow Hall, Newton. His teenage years saw him serving in the Army of which his experiences are vividly described. The narrative also takes the reader to many other areas of Britain.

Every Farm Made Cheese
Every Farm Made Cheese! Historical notes of Lancashire cheesemaking before 1840 by Margaret Panikkar. 33 pages, £5 plus £1.80 p&p

A well illustrated booklet on the history of cheesemaking. Lots of diagrams, and photos of surviving cheese presses and stones.

Keep Smiling Through
Keep Smiling Through: Remembering the Men and Women of the Hodder Valley who Served their Country in WW2 by Margaret Brenchley. £10 plus £2.50 p&p.

A record of the challenges faced and the sacrifices made by those who enlisted and those who remained behind in the Hodder Valley in WW2. They are brought into focus after too long in the shadows. Farming, rationing, the influx of evacuees and the work of the Auxiliary services are just a few of the stories highlighted.

Slaidburn Baptisms 1838-1940
Slaidburn St Andrew's Baptisms 1838-1940 transcribed by Chris Spencer. £10 plus £2.50 p&p. Eighty-two printed sides in a slide binder.

This is a transcription of St Andrew's baptism register of 1838 to 1940 held at Lancashire Archives, Preston (Refs. PR 3436/1/5 and PR 3436/1/21). The register records the date of baptism, the child's christian name, the name of the parent(s) and abode and by whom the ceremony was performed. Two indexes are provided: the parent's surname, and the town/village of abode. Proceeds from the sale will be shared between the Archive and St Andrew's.

In love gratitude remembrance
'In Love, In Gratitude, In Remembrance: Remembering the Men & Women of Slaidburn, Newton in Bowland, Dunsop Bridge, Dale Head & Tosside Who Served their Country in the Great War', by Margaret Brenchley. £16 plus £3.50 p&p.

From archival documents, family stories, various wartime records, magazines and newspapers of that time, the book is a detailed account of some of the realities of the war years, from the mundane to the tragic, through letters and photos of the participants sent between home and the trenches. The book is unusual in that the research highlights individual stories of those who served at the Western Front and returned home, named on memorials throughout Craven, alongside The Fallen. The inscription on Slaidburn’s cenotaph inspired the title of the book.

Dalehead registers
A History of Methodism in Slaidburn and the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel by Chris Spencer. £10 plus £2 p&p. Seventy-six printed sides in a slide binder.

This history is a record of Wesleyan Methodism in Slaidburn over roughly two centuries. It chronicles the efforts that people made over the years to the community, improving its lot through hard work and determination. This was a village with a very close-knit, caring and sharing population.

The book also incudes a record of the Poor's Land disputes.

Dalehead registers
The Registers of St. James' Church, Dale Head, 1852-1936 transcribed by Helen Wallbank, from originals held at Lancashire Archives, Preston. £10 plus £2 p&p.

St. James' Church was built and consecrated in 1852. Initially only baptisms and burials could take place but in 1871 Dale Head became a parish in its own right and marriages were also performed. The construction of Stocks Reservoir required the transfer of interments to a nearby site in 1927, the closure of the church in 1936 and the construction on the new burial site of a new church, consecrated in 1938. This booklet is a transcription of the baptisms, banns of marriages, marriages and burials over the period 1852 to 1936.

Transcripts of the Duchy
Transcripts of Six Inquiries by the Duchy of Lancaster Concerning the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire and Yorkshire Between 1592 & 1613 by Frances Marginson, from the manuscripts in the National Archives photographed by Dr Bill Shannon. £8 plus £2.50 p&p.

Reports of statements by local commoners to provide evidence to the Duchy court investigating the killing of deer, forest and park boundaries, removal of timber to maintain properties etc. These are remarkable insights into the names, ages and lives of ordinary people in and near the forest.

Old Men Remember - Chistopher Kenyon
Old Men Remember: Christopher Kenyon's Memories of Slaidburn edited by Margaret Brenchley. £5 plus £2 p&p.

Christopher Kenyon spent his childhood in Slaidburn. His memories, recorded in his retirement, reveal life in the village between the Wars. This booklet presents his fond recollections of some of the village characters.

Bowland Scrapbook
Bowland Scrapbook. Photos and text celebrating 50 years of the Forest of Bowland AONB 1964-2014'. Price £5 plus £2.50 p&p.


Old Men Remember - Chistopher Kenyon
CD - Repeat their Sounding Joy. Music from a Wyresdale West Gallery. 10 Psalms, Hymns and Anthems from early 19th Century Manuscripts. Price £8 plus £1 p&p.


Bowland Song Cycle
The Music of the Forest: Bowland Song Cycle CD commissioned by William Lord Bowland, composed by Christopher Gibbs. £8 plus £1.00 p&p.

The Music of the Forest, is a four-part song cycle and was commissioned by William, 16th Lord of Bowland in 2015. The work, by acclaimed Lakeland composer Christopher Gibbs, had its world premiere in Slaidburn on 15 June 2017. It was performed by the Renaissance Singers of Blackburn Cathedral under the baton of Samuel Hudson with guest instrumentalist John Kenny on the Deskford carnyx.

Slaidburn Burials 1853-1993
Slaidburn St Andrew's Burials 1853-1993 transcribed by Chris Spencer. £10 plus £2.50 p&p. Sixty printed sides in a slide binder.

This is a transcription of St Andrew's burial register of 1853 to 1993 held at Lancashire Archives, Preston (Ref. PR 3436 1/22). The register records the date of burial, the name of the deceased, abode, age at death, and by whom the burial ceremony was performed. Two indexes are provided: the deceased's surname, and the town/village of abode. Proceeds from the sale will be shared between the Archive and St Andrew's.

Haweswater tunnel camp in Bowland
Bowland Forest Tunnel Section of the Haweswater Aqueduct: Ellerbeck Camp, 1947-1954 by Margaret Brenchley. £5 plus £1 p&p.

On Back Lane (the old road) between Slaidburn and Newton is Ellerbeck, the former location of a camp built to accommodate the workmen building the Haweswater Aqueduct between the Lakes and Manchester. The camp was built in 1948-9 and the 700 men at Ellerbeck worked on a 10 mile tunnel section across Bowland. This new book outlines the history of the camp, the living conditions for the men and their families, and the impact on Slaidburn.

Old Sheepwashes
Old Sheepwashes of Bowland and Chipping With Salving, Dipping and Clipping by Frances Marginson and Helen Wallbank. £5 plus £2.50 p&p.

Salving and sheepwashing are farming practices long discontinued, but the remains of many sheepwashes are evident in the Bowland and Chipping areas. Sheepfolds and evidence of pooled areas formed by damming the streams are characteristic features of the old sheepwashes. We are fortunate that there are many photographs of the washes being used by teams of local farmers, and many of these are reproduced in the book. The results of a survey of surviving sheepwashes are presented, and the practices of salving and dipping described.

Limekilns and limeburning
Limekilns and Limeburning Around the Valleys of Hodder and Loud by Helen Wallbank and Frances Marginson. £8 plus £2.50 p&p.

A comprehensive and authoritative survey of various types of historical lime-kilns in the Hodder and Loud valleys, enhanced by a description of the technical approaches to lime-burning, the labour involved in its processes, and the important impact on agricultural development.

Slaidburn village walk
Slaidburn: A Walk Through the Village by Jenny Bradley. £3 plus £1 p&p.

A beautifully illustrated booklet outlining a walk through this historic village, with information on the landscape, Saint Andrew's church and the many historical, important buildings on the mapped route.

Excavation of Stocks Church

Sorry...but this booklet is now sold out. There are copies in the Archive for consultation.

Stocks. The Rediscovery of a Lost Hamlet: Survey and Excavation of St James' Church by Oxford Archaeology North et al. £3 plus £1 p&p.

Stocks in Bowland was a small hamlet largely drowned by the construction of Stocks Reservoir in 1932 by the Fylde Water Board. St James' church was above the floodline but was nevertheless demolished to ensure water quality. The church was rebuilt nearby, and the graves moved. This booklet describes the results of the excavation and survey of the old church by professional archaeologists and members of the local community.

Angel Stone postcard
The Slaidburn Angel Stone A postcard showing a drawing by B.J.N. Edwards. £0.50 plus £0.70 p&p.

This example of early Christian art was found in the village and dates from the Viking period, c. 900. The boots on the Angel are unusual having tongues front and back.

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